The NOURISHING database provides an overview of implemented government policy actions that promote healthy diets and reduce obesity from around the world.

Discover information on food labelling, sugar-sweetened beverage taxation, marketing restrictions of products high in sugar, salt and/or fat, and much more. Find out how countries promote healthy diets and tackle obesity and overweight.



The MOVING database contains information about implemented policy actions from around the world targeted at getting people, particularly youth and adolescents, more active.

Find information on physical activity programmes and guidelines, urban planning and transport design, mass communication campaigns, and much more. Explore how countries try to encourage people to increase their levels of physical activity.


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What are the policy databases?

Developed as part of the European Union CO-CREATE project, Confronting obesity: co-creating policy with youth, the databases contain information about nutrition and physical activity policy that governments around the world have implemented to encourage people to eat healthily and move more.  


WCRF International’s NOURISHING database has been redesigned as part of the CO-CREATE project. The MOVING database of physical policy actions has been developed to complement the NOURISHING database and contains information about policies designed to promote physical activity. The policy actions are categorised and organised around our NOURISHING and MOVING policy frameworks.


> What is the MOVING database? Download our 1-page explainer

> What is the NOURISHING database? Download our 1-page explainer


What data do we collect?

The NOURISHING and MOVING databases collect policy actions from around the world which are implemented on a national level, and which are currently in effect. All policy actions listed on the database have been verified by an in-country government expert. In select cases local policies have also been included as best practice examples. 


To source the policy actions, we use a specific search criteria and verification process


As the CO-CREATE project focuses on Europe, we are also conducting an in-depth, systematic search across 30 European countries – known as the Comprehensive European Scan. The scan was completed in 2022 and its results were used to develop two policy indexes which outline the status of nutrition and physical activity policy in the 30 countries: the NOURISHING and MOVING policy indexes.


> Read the results of the NOURISHING policy index

> Read the results of the MOVING policy index


Tips on using the databases

To find out more about the definitions we use, please visit our glossary.


> Click here for tips on using the databases.


The following video explains how to use the databases, including the structure, search functionality and what information we collect: