How to download and search the data

How to download results

You can download the results of your database searches into a CSV file by clicking the purple "Download results (CSV)" button. 

How to format the CSV file

A CSV file is known as a Comma Separated Values file, which is a plain text file that contains a list of data. It does not contain any formatting.

You may wish to format your results before analysing them. 

If some boxes are larger than others, select the relevant column and make sure "Wrap Text" is deselected.

How to filter the data in the CSV file

You can filter your results by country:

  1. Highlight the relevant column, eg, 'E' – Countries.
  2. Click the AZ Sort & Filter button.
  3. Click filter.
  4. Click the downward arrow in the grey box next to the column title, eg, Countries.
  5. Untick (Select all) to deselect all.
  6. Select the relevant countries.
  7. The results are filtered to show policy actions in your chosen countries.

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