Helpful tips

Navigate the databases

The following video explains how to use the databases, including the structure, search functionality and what information we collect:

You can explore each database separately, or you can search for results across the two databases. 

  1. Click on either the Explore NOURISHING or Explore MOVING boxes on the home page.
  2. Use the search bar, including the filters, to search for data we hold on a specific topic or country.

Explore the databases

Select a database, eg NOURISHING.


Select a policy area, eg “R - restrict food advertising and other forms of commercial promotion”.

When you click on the policy area, it will reveal a list of sub-policy areas. Select a sub-policy area, eg "Mandatory regulation of broadcast food advertising to children".

When you click on a sub-policy area, it will reveal a list of policy actions, which are ordered alphabetically by country.

Search the databases

You can search either or both databases, by topic and / or country. You can filter your search to only see latest updates (policies that have been added to the database in the last three months), and policies that have evaluations.

Search by database; by selecting a specific database, you will only find policies from that database. You can also search both databases at the same time.

Search by topic; the database has a specific list of topics you can search. Type in the search bar to reveal topics starting with the letter you have entered in a drop-down list:

Topic screengrab 

Search by country; if the country is in the database, it will appear in a drop-down list of options when you start typing: 

Country screengrab

Show only latest updates; if you tick this box, only policies added to the database in the last three months will show in your search results.

Show only evaluated policies; if you tick this box, only policies that have an evaluation will show in your search results. 

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