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Make opportunities and initiatives that promote physical activity in schools, the community  and  sport and recreation  


Offer  physical activity opportunities in the workplace  and training in  physical activity promotion across  multiple  professions  


Visualise  and enact structures and surroundings  which promote physical activity   


Implement  transport  infrastructure and opportunities  that support active societies


Normalise and increase physical activity through public communication that motivates and builds behaviour change skills


Give physical activity  training,  assessment and  counselling in  healthcare settings   


The MOVING database is based on the MOVING framework, a tool designed to help policymakers, researchers and civil society organisations worldwide take action to increase levels of physical activity.

The MOVING framework is intended to be a logical and practical tool that allows the end user to identify a series of policy actions that can be taken as part of a comprehensive approach, categorised into distinct policy areas. The MOVING framework is comprised of four policy domains: ACTIVE SOCIETIES, ACTIVE ENVIRONMENTS, ACTIVE PEOPLE and ACTIVE SYSTEMS. However we do not collect policy actions relating to ACTIVE SYSTEMS.

In December 2020, we made some small refinements to the MOVING framework to improve the categorisation of policies in the different policy areas. The content of the updated framework remains the same – we've just tweaked how the policies are organised in the different letters of the framework. This was prompted by our learnings from conducting the policy scan and how users access information on the database.